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Single or Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink?


Double Bowl Farmhouse SinksShould you purchase a single or double bowl farmhouse sinks? In the past, farmhouse sinks had only a single bowl but today they come in both single and double bowls.  Which type works best for you?

First of all, a rectangular sink with two side-by-side bowls or basins separated by a partition; bowls may be the same size or one may be smaller than the other.  Common dimensions include 13”x18” for the smaller bowl and 30”x20” for the larger bowl.  If you regularly wash large pots and appliances, the single basin or bowl is the better choice for you as it enables multi-tasking as you work.  It makes your cleaning work much easier  but it takes up more counter space and may not be ideal for small kitchens.

Double bowl sinks are more suited for cleaning smaller utensils. You are able to place the items to rinse in one bowl and the clean items in the other bowl.  If your choice is the double bowl sink, do take into consideration that they are available in various configurations.  Both bowls could be similar in size, or of different sizes.  The depth of the bowls may vary.  Commonly, double bowl sinks often have standard-to-shallow depth.

Whatever your choice may be, select the sink that you like that offers the optimal function for your daily use.

For me, I like double bowl farmhouse sinks.